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Calvin's Story & Our Search for the Truth

Welcome to the Justice4Calvin website, a collaborative endeavor led by extended family members dedicated to unraveling the events surrounding Calvin's "disappearance" on March 10, 2021. He was last seen after returning from work at 6:30 pm, and despite his wife's claim of seeing him after midnight and her subsequent questioning of his whereabouts, Calvin vanished without a trace. The urgency led to a 911 call within 30 minutes on March 11, 2021.


Regrettably, his widow swiftly emptied the marital home, leaving all furniture on the sidewalk. This hasty action resulted in the destruction of valuable information, quality furniture, and potential evidence, raising questions about the motivation behind erasing memories and sentiments associated with a recently deceased husband. Such behavior seems incongruent with that of a grieving spouse. The Port St. Lucie Police Department observed this without an intent to investigate, highlighting a biased detective overseeing the case.

Interview conducted 30 days later with the spouse revealed a well-planned distraction on April 9, 2021 during the interview between Calvin's wife, Althea Berry, and lead detective Kristin Meyer of PSLPD. The interview included an adult daughter, her sister, brother, and a grandchild, deviating from the conventional "one on one" approach, leading to concerns about the reliability of the information provided. By this time, valuable information and evidence would have been destroyed deleted, sanitized and forgotten. In fact, the matrimonial home was cleaned out with all furniture tossed out on the sidewalk, prepared for sale and sold within weeks of Calvin's demise! We expect that in a death investigation this interview would have been done within days of the incident before information is forgotten. Certainly, it should have been void of any distractions. 


Despite extensive K9 and drone searches, there was no indication that Calvin had ever been in the area of the canal behind his house. This lack of evidence raises questions about the accuracy of the conclusions drawn by the medical examiner and the detective whose actions are criticized for creating a false public record, potentially tarnishing the character and integrity of persons who saw significant discrepancies in her story and had mountains of questions with no answers.

The post-mortem analysis revealed a significant level of Benadryl in Calvin's system from the toxicology result. Such levels indicate that he could not have traversed to the canal, slipped, and accidentally drowned. It is noteworthy his wife mentioned many unsolicited information to the 911 operator, this one is an eyeopener, "he also takes some Benadryl,  I don't know if he did that tonight" 


It is evident that the medical examiner's conclusion of "accidental drowning" was hastily aligned with a biased detective who disregarded thorough investigation protocols. The classification of accidental drowning lacks substantial evidence as there was no water found in his lungs to support such a ruling, which is a critical factor in drowning cases. We appeal to the relevant authority for evidence to support this claim.


Concerns are raised about the initial decision not to deploy a diver in the canal and the swift sale of the house and disposal of its contents. The family urges a thorough investigation by the PSLPD, emphasizing that justice should not be begged for. The suspicious nature of the death, coupled with the family's concerns, prompts a call for Chief Richard DelToro (formerly John A. Bolduc) to initiate a comprehensive investigation, ensuring that no aspect is overlooked.


The family demands #Justice4Calvin and emphasizes that without justice, there will be no peace, we conclude with a plea for a complete and thorough investigation by the police department, FDLE or the FBI, highlighting that this is a human being—a hardworking, law-abiding, American citizen and a federal employee—deserving of due process and a fair inquiry.



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