Do you know what happened to our Beloved Brother, Father, Mailman - Calvin Berry?

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Why destroy evidence if you have nothing to hide?

The matrimonial home cleaned out by wife who tossed all furniture on the sidewalk. Valuable information & evidence destroyed, deleted & sanitized. Why discard the memory and sentiments? Certainly not the action of mourners! All done under the watchful eye of lead Detective Kristen Meyer with the Port St. Lucie Police Department in Florida who couldn't-care-less and had no intention to investigate this potential homicide from day 1, BIASED!

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  • Please join us on this journey to seek justice4calvin. He worked too hard for us to sit back and watch the fruits of his labor go to underserving, diabolic evildoers who callously took his life from us!

Listen to the, not urgent & scripted, 911 call! "I don't know what happened to my husband"

Complicity - aiding & abetting in this crime!

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Interview conducted 30-45 days later with spouse and her daughters. Big distraction in the interview by sister, brother and a grandchild! Who would have imagined an interview regarding an unnatural death was not done "one on one" by this seasoned detective; who choose to believe these blatant lies! "Sending the fool a little further". By the time this detective conducted the interview, valuable information and evidence were destroyed, deleted, sanitized, and forgotten. In fact, the matrimonial home was cleaned out (all furniture tossed out on the sidewalk) prepared for sale and sold within weeks of Calvin's demise.  Detective Kristin Meyer has created a false public record, impugning and defaming the character and integrity of perfectly law abiding and patriotic members of Calvin's family. This wife is a LYING LIAR that lies to cover up her crime. A seasoned detective should have know that a perpetrator will always try to cover their tracks and deflect, unfortunately, this "experienced" detective was DUPED! 


Under Medical History question in the final Medical Examiner's report "Dementia" was indicated. There is no record of a diagnosis of Dementia at any time in Calvin's history. Where did this information come from? On March 10th a Whatsapp message was sent mentioning Dementia, 12 hours later he is reported missing and the Whatsapp messenger shows up 6 hours later, who lives only 10mins away!

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Calvin was reported missing from his home on March 11th. 2021 at about 12:30am. Calvin's body was subsequently discovered floating in the canal mid afternoon on Saturday March 13th. 2021. Please help us figure out what happened to him during this time from Wednesday March 10th. at 6:30pm when he returned from work to Saturday March noon. Calvin lived at 1942 SE Fallon Drive, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983. We are very interested in any recollection the neighbors may have: loud or strange noises, unusual vehicle movements, etc. Look at your ring cameras to see if you notice anything, any strange persons in the area; did you notice Calvin walking on the road during those late nights and early morning hours.






Port St. Lucie Police Department: Justice4Calvin - Beloved mailman mysterious/suspicious death.

PSLPD must continue the Investigation!

Calvin Berry was a beloved mail carrier in Florida for over thirty years. A man of God. A Deacon in his Church. He only wanted the very best for his children. He was reported missing from his home on March 11, 2021 early morning. His body was subsequently discovered floating in the canal directly behind his house on March 13, 2021.

We are asking for the proof on the police report stating "accidental drowning" and it's not too late to gather that evidence. We should not have to beg law enforcement for justice. The Detective noted in her report the reason she did not put a diver in the canal, on day one, was because the K-9 Dogs and Drone spotted nothing in the are of the canal and she did not want to risk a diver's life in the 4.5ft deep canal; isn't this what divers are trained to do! Surely law enforcement personnel would not have used these added search aids if they had no confidence in the result they provide. K9 picked up no scent in the area, drone found nothing, no slip and fall indentation - how can you conclude accident?  House was listed for sale immediately and all contents/furniture tossed out on the curb. Suspicion is there, red flags all over - shouldn't the PSLPD take a closer look. The entire family should welcome this investigation. 

We need the PSLPD to investigate this mysterious death thoroughly  and look at all persons seriously, give thoughtful consideration to all the details, and take whatever necessary action! If this was the reverse and his wife was the one found in the canal, Calvin would be the main and only person of interest! Homicide must be investigated and ruled out in an unnatural death, persons who saw the victim last must be investigated thoroughly - cannot accept the lies from the immediate family and their utterly, baseless words, it's a deflection! INVESTIGATION 101 - If the cause of death cannot be confidently stated and backed by evidence, then the death must remain a suspicious death until more evidence is gathered. If his wife had been the one in the canal he’d likely be sitting in jail right now! So much more information needs to be reviewed and taken seriously by law enforcement. Port St. Lucie Police Department, this is totally unacceptable and we will not be silenced! Chief John A. Bolduc if it were your loved one you would not be satisfied with such a sloppy, unprofessional and botched investigation resulting in closing the case before gathering the evidence and looking at all the persons of interest, allowing pertinent evidence to be destroyed. Chief you cannot allow one bad apple to spoil the entire bunch! It's time to launch a full and complete investigation. This is a human being we're talking about. A hard working, law abiding, American citizen, a federal employee and our loved one; we need a complete and thorough investigation by your department! 



Gone from our sight but always in our hearts!

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We know you are in heaven up above lookin down on us and sending us showers of love.

Until we meet again those special memories of you will always bring us smiles.

"A good heart has stopped beating, a heart that has touched so many lives can't help but live on in those it loved"

You are always loved and will never be forgotten.

Rest in Eternal Peace!

We need answers!

We have an abundance of questions and are anxious to get them answered. It is imperative that we find out what happened to Calvin on the night of March 10th. 2021. We know he arrived home (1942 Fallon Drive) at 6:30pm on Wednesday March 10th, 2021. What happened between 6:30pm and midnight?

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Treasure Coast Church OF God 

Calvin was a Deacon in his church and an active member for over ten years. He served as the men's fellowship president for several years. He was loved and respected by everyone. He loved to sing gospel songs and would sing frequently at Sunday services and bless the congregation. He was faithful in giving his support to anything that was going on at the church. He loved organizing concerts and rallies at the church and bringing in the community from far and wide. Almost every pastor, near and far, knew Calvin because he would attend every event that the churches would invite him to, even if he had to show up in his work uniform. He believed the churches should work together if their goal was to Kingdom Building.

Pastor Ray Franklin

4050 SW Savona Blvd 
Port St. Lucie, FL