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The Purpose of the Calvin L. Berry Tree4Life Memorial Fund

The Calvin Lloyd Berry Memorial Fund is being established to honor the life and energy of Calvin Lloyd Berry.

The purpose of this fund is to award a fruit tree to anyone who loves agriculture and backyard gardening. 10 recipients will be selected each November and award presented in December of same year.

Value up to $100.00

The recipient must model Calvin’s life of ambition, respect and be able to demonstrate their love by caring and nurturing a fruit tree as this was important to Calvin.

The Life of Calvin Lloyd Berry:

Calvin Berry was born on December 02,1962 in London, England. When he was a young child, his mother moved him and his two siblings to live with their grandmother in Jamaica. As a child, he was well-mannered, well-behaved and grew up to be one of the classiest young men in the small district of Top Hill Road, St. Thomas, Jamaica. As a youth he enjoyed the country life of helping on the family’s farm. Calvin was loving, gentle, and compassionate with a great sense of humor.

A few years after graduation, Calvin’s mother relocated him and his twin sister to join her in Miami, Florida in the early 80’s. Calvin grew very close to the community and quickly became a member of the New Testament Church of God, where his spiritual growth took place. Calvin was compassionate and loved others as Christ loved us, he was always a source of inspiration to others.

In 1986 he was hired by The United States Postal Service as a mail carrier. He enjoyed his job tremendously because it afforded him the opportunity to provide an essential service that was extremely crucial for most homes and businesses. Most importantly it allowed him to interact with others which he truly loved. He would often talk about the job and the great benefits that it afforded him. One of which was the ability to relocate and still maintain his position. After twenty years of living in Miami Calvin moved his family to Port St. Lucie, Florida and continued being a postal worker in Stuart, Florida.

He built his dream home in Port St. Lucie where he enjoyed his hobby of rearing exotic fruit trees. His family, friends and coworkers looked forward to receiving organic fruits year after year. He was able to reap a variety of fruits each season and the recipient were appreciative knowing that they were grown with loving, caring hands and a pure heart.

Another hobby was his love of sports which included domino playing with his friends, watching football on television and playing tennis with his friends.

Calvin was a dedicated and faithful Christian man who committed his life to Christ. At his home church, Treasure Coast Church of God, he was an integral part of the men’s fellowship group and often sang on the choir, and at several other churches. Also, he loved a wide genre of music. He remained very spiritual and leaned on God for strength and guidance in his daily life.

Calvin never complained or spoke negatively about anyone, instead, he had a positive mindset and spoke openly about injustices around him. Calvin was a selfless person who cared deeply for family, friends and coworkers. Calvin was the definition of an incredible person. He had the ability to make light of every situation and was the most “happy go-lucky” person who never failed to bring positive energy with a huge personality and an infectious laughter. Anyone who ever spent more than a minute with him felt a deep exuberance of love for him. There is no one who could brighten your day or do something to make you laugh better than Calvin. He was loved by everyone. It was impossible to not notice him and talk with him anywhere. He brought an energy that could not be duplicated.

On March 10th, 2021, we lost the greatest soul any of us have ever known. He went to be with the Lord and will certainly be missed for the rest of our lives; but the wonderful, funny, happy memories will last a lifetime. Calvin, you will be loved forever by those you have touched, and your memory will live on by establishing the Calvin L. Berry Tree4Life Memorial Fund.

Criteria for the recipient of the Calvin L. Berry Tree4Life Memorial Fund:

- Complete application online.

- No cost to qualified recipients

- Must live within the Port St. Lucie & Stuart Vicinity

- Complete an online interview with fund administrator

- Be passionate about the environment and truly appreciate the beauty of back-yard farming.

​- Agree to send pictures as tree develops that will be posted on platform designated.